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Resources for students

HSC physics past trial paper questions and solutions (from 30 or so exams)

For each dot point there are questions and solutions, the number of which reflect the relative frequency that each dot point is tested.

Where there are many questions for a dot point I have placed some representative questions first and in general have tried to place the harder questions at the end. Students looking to revise methodically for their mid-year exams, trials or HSC can then do the first (or second... etc) question from the set for each dot point to ensure they have covered everything they need to know.

A set of harder/mixed dot point questions has been included for each major section of the topics Space, Motors & Generators, Ideas to Implementation and Quanta to Quarks. I would suggest that students aiming for very high marks attempt these questions as well as doing the later questions for each dot point.

One of my aims in collating these questions was to enable more able students to locate the hardest questions on each dot point that have been asked, without having to wade through all available past trial papers themselves. I hope that such students find this resource useful.

  • Space (9.2)

  • Motors and Generators (9.3)

  • Ideas to Implementation (9.4)

  • Quanta to Quarks (9.8)

    Other HSC physics resources

    Below are some solutions to HSC physics past paper questions.

    Notes on areas that students often have difficulty with

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